As our wedding is within approximately seven months my fiancée and I are looking for the best destinations for our honeymoon and still don’t know where to go because there are sooo many beautiful places in this world. The only thing we know is that we want to travel to an exotic place with a beautiful view, nature and a white beach. There are a few places we are considering but we are still looking for the best hotel and destination which I want to share with you. Love to hear your preferences and tips of course.

1. Bali

ws_Bali_Rice_Fields_1440x900[1]kuta bali[1]ubud-hanging-gardens-infinity-pools[1]

These images of Bali are so perfect which is the best combination of nature, fun and have a luxurious appearance at the same time.


2. Thailand

kanchanaburi-thailand-vodopad[1] Tropical-paradise[1]da70628314a757e3d7c9a5a5c57770b7[1]

Thailand is such a tropical paradise where culture and beauty come together.  I’ve been here 2 years ago and I did enjoyed it to to fullest. However for my honeymoon I think I might consider a place I have never been before.


3. Malediven

urlaubsnews-malediven-3[1] water%20ocean%20crystal%20maldives%20tourism%20villa%20wallpaper[1] huvafen-fushi-resort-in-the-maldives-aerial-aerial-view-2[1]

The Malediven is really a heaven on earth, has breathtaking views over the ocean. The perfect location for a honeymoon I think, however some say that there is not much to do and that you will get bored within a view days. I am definitely considering this heavenly Island to be one of our location.


4. Mexico

9372075457_b5f65fb3b7_k.jpg.CROP.cq5dam_web_1280_1280_jpeg[1] cancun-beach-resort[1] image_thumb138[1]

Besides the beautiful sun, sea and beach there are also lots of historical sites in Mexico which are so breathtaking and worth to visit.


5. Dubai

Atlantis-The-Palm-Dubai1[1] Beaches-in-Dubai[1] dubai-by-night[1]

Dubai is all about the glitter and glamour where everything is so fabulous. I’ve visited this place before, but I am considering to combine an Island honeymoon with a few days of Dubai glamorous.