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First of all, it’s been waaayy too long since I have written a blog and since I’ve shared something personal with you. I was too busy with the preparations of my wedding and in the weekends I was mostly full booked with make-up clients. Which is a very good thing of course, because I love my job so much and every time I get a happy customer it means so much to me. But I’ve missed blogging so much!

Anyway, in this blog I had to share something I am looking forward to for a while know and can’t wait until it is that day we step into the plane. Obviously I am talking about my well-deserved HONEYMOON of course because we are going to Bali for exactly 18 days!!!!

Exactly one year ago we were planning our honeymoon and where thinking were we should go. Just for like 2 months ago we decided to go to Bali and booked the most beautiful and awesome resort! We’ve worked so hard in the last year so we wanted a very good and generous honeymoon.


That’s why we have chosen the Sofitel hotel in Nusa Dua as our honeymoon suite for the whole vacation.

We have chosen for Sofitel Hotel because it is a new hotel and actually our biggest reason is that there is a Nikki Beach at the hotel!!!!! OMG can’t wait to chill at Nikki Beach again!!

Besides that it is one of the most beautiful hotels that I have seen in Bali and it has very beautiful suits.

Whole pool Pool Pool1


I am so in love with the mega beauty suits and most of all that the bathroom is so connected to the (master) bedroom.

Room Bathroom room Bathroom

Nusa Dua is known for the beautiful beach and it is the honeymoon area of Bali, so most of the honeymoon suits you can find at Nusa Dua.

We have doubted about lots of places to go at our honeymoon, but every time we came back to Bali, because we wanted to stay at one hotel for our honeymoon and in Bali it is very possible to travel to sightseeing within one day. For example, if we want to go to Kuta from Nusa Dua it will take us about a half an hour by car.



We doubted to go to the Maldives since it is a beautiful place for a honeymoon, but we thought that we would get bored after one week.
We did also doubted to go to Malaise since it is also such a beautiful place to go, but we had to travel and stay in different hotels to go to the city and to do some sightseeing.
Both of us wanted to stay at one hotel for our honeymoon, and if we want to go to another hotel, we still have the possibility to stay there for a couple of days.