One of the most beautiful things when I met my husband Deniz, is that we both love to do the same things. One of them is to travel the world together. We had been to Bali, Turkey, and Paris this year and we wanted to visit a warm place during these cold days. Since we both love the sun but also the luxury, we decided soon enough to visit beautiful Dubai.

I have been there for about 3 years ago, but it changed so much since then!

We love Dubai because of the temperature,
Because there is luxury everywhere,
Because it’s clean everywhere,
The food is amazing everywhere you go,
And there are a lot of expats from over the whole world, each one of them has their own story.

Dubai is also known for its most beautiful malls and largest building Burj Khalifa. I must say that it feels surreal when you visit the mall and are dining outside while watching the water show.

During our stay, we chose to stay at hotel Sofitel since we wanted to be near to JBR, The Walk and we had great experiences with Sofitel in Bali so that was a no-brainer for us.

We also went to Abu Dhabi to see the breathtakingly beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand- Mosque. This place is surreal and it is hard to imagine that a mankind can build such amazingly beautiful craft.

If you ever decide to visit both Dubai or Abu Dhabi I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful Mosque as well.


A girl has got to have L’aduree macarons when in town 😉

The magical garden in is also a must see. So many beautiful flowers are designed here, it is a great location for pictures 🙂

The view from the beach at JBR

Dubai is definitely a place where we would love to go next year as well, so stay tuned for part 2 😉